About Us

 Johnny's bamboo saxophone 'THE SAXAFLUTE', is made from locally sourced bamboo. Perfect for beginners, experimental musicians, acoustic bands and travelling saxophone players.

Constructed from the principle body of a flute with an Alto, soprano or clarinet mouthpiece, producing the amazing sound of a real saxophone. Easy to learn and fun to play.

Each saxaflute is individually handmade and tuned to a major scale. Other scales availble on request and to custom order. The coloured Saxaflutes were all made in Australia. These days I do not colour the Saxaflutes. There are two choices. Natural coloured Bamboo and Black bamboo. 

Available in Bb, A, Ab, G, F, F# and D. Similar to a tin whistle and recorder fingering. The most popular options are A for Alto saxophone sound and G for Tenor Saxophone. Each Saxaflute is chromatically tuned so that it can be played with other instruments. 


Johnny begun production of his Saxaflutes in 1994 in Phoenix Arizona and travelled with them from the west coast of the US to the East, Canada, Australia, the UK and throughout Europe, stopping off in almost every major town and city along the way. He followed his passion of Jazz and Blues roots music and played the Saxaflute everywhere he went. Sometimes making them from the back of his camper van, his sail boat and even in hotel rooms. After reading 'On the road' by Jack Kerouac he hit the road and some 20 years later is still on that road looking for the perfect Blues phrase or Jazz riff.

Ordering Information..

We accept Paypal as well as direct bank transfer in UK pounds and Euros IBAN. We ship from Europe to Europe, South and Central America.If you prefer to use this method send an email for bank details. We ship to US and Canada as a gift so customs fees are zero.